World Technology results offers Dmarc Extension as well as Cat5e and Cat6 fiber cabling services to our guests.

Dmarc Extensions are available for all types of cabling, whether fiber or bobby . Get in touch with us at World Technology results as soon as your service provider delivers a connection at the Dmarc. We will have our platoon extend it into the suite or your data room in a jiff!

World Technology results
World Technology results offers you complete store, office, and storehouse cabling services. We give complete data and voice cabling results for stores, services, and storages. We also work on analog and VOIP phone setups as well as installations.

IT Room Installation

Let us design and install your IT room. We can set up an IT rack( 2 posts or 4 posts), graduation rack, modem, router, switch, garçon, phone system, and indeed the Telco backboard for your IT structure.

We specialize in the form and installation of the following.
Leg Pads
All Other Nodes
As new bumps are arising in the data world, we constantly modernize our tech services by gaining further knowledge and perfecting our capabilities so as to be suitable to give our guests with the stylish possible services.

At World Technology results, we not only install but also repair printers, waiters, PCs, POS, and all other bumps.


We’re grounded in Northern California and are licensed voice & data professionals serving the Central Valley
and Bay Area.

We’ve been serving our guests with absolute fidelity and utmost professionalism for the once 13 times. We’ve been furnishing businesses with exceptional IT discussion and perpetration services. Nothing is more satisfying to us than offering our guests and guests with the loftiest quality of service possible at incredibly quick reversal times!

At World Technology results, we understand that Your Technology structure is the backbone of your business! That’s why you need to communicate us incontinently, to get your business wired for success by minimizing time-out and maximizing effectiveness. Our platoon at World Technology results comprises of incredibly professed professionals who are largely educated in the form and Installation of waiters, PCs, Leg pads, Printers, POS, and All Other Nodes!